Architectural Services

Proportion can make everyday spaces feel special.

Preliminary Design & Pricing

We meet with Owner and review their requirements to be able to develop preliminary design plans and elevations for approval. A 3D model will be created of the exterior for final review and approval by the Owner to launch into preliminary pricing.

We advance the design to include remaining exterior elevations, building sections with Owner and Interior Designer to develop an outline specification to accompany approved preliminary design.  These drawings will be given to three preselected Contractors to review and price the project to establish a budget for the project. A Contractor is selected at this time.

Design Development & Construction Documents

Upon review of the pricing and selection of the Contractor any design changes needed are addressed at this time.  Development of Construction Drawings, including coordination between the Architectural Drawings and all required engineers (Structural, Electrical and Mechanical) as well as with Interior Designer.

Drawings typically included: Floor Plans, Exterior Elevations, Building Sections, Wall Sections, Construction Details, Reflected Ceiling Plans, Interior Elevations, Electrical Power and Lighting Plans.

Contractor will reprice the project and submit for permitting with these documents.

Construction Administration Phase

It is important for the Architect to maintain a connection to the project through construction.  It is our job to make sure the Contractor has the information he needs to perform the work required.  Weekly site meetings during construction to review progress and answer any questions that arise. Field Reports are sent out as a result of this visit to the design and construction teams.