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Hiring an Architect

Hiring an Architect:

In conversations with fellow professionals and former clients I have heard many times over: "I wouldn't have been able to do this without you!".

I wanted to know what that meant in real, quantifiable terms.

When it came down to it the most important thing I kept hearing from those who had gone it alone, and then later in life decided to hire an Architect was that the  introduction of the Architect made the process exciting and it took the stress away.  This answer made sense.

We study architectural design, proportions, building systems and building technologies.  We continue our education throughout our careers to understand and improve our buildings.  When choosing to hire an Architect you are hiring someone who studied to do this.  An Architect has an intimate knowledge of what it takes to make your building be yours.

What is an Architect

What is an Architect?

In the most simplistic terms an Architect (notice the big ‘A’ : this is important) designs structures to be built.  We design all types of structures, places like your house, place you work or the restaurant you frequent every Friday for excellent tacos and free music (to be clear we don’t design the tacos or play the music). I like to say if you could take the building, pluck it off the ground and tip it upside down we are responsible for anything that doesn’t fall out.

Think of a house  as it compares to a living breathing entity.  It has bones (structure); it has a circulatory system (wiring for electrical and audio visual); it has a digestive system (that would be the plumbing – what comes in MUST go out) and skin (the pretty finishes everyone sees that don’t move).  Architects coordinate it all.  So your home (or taco restaurant) will stand the test of time, it provides light, water, air and sound in appropriate amounts as requested and it meets your visual aesthetic.